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Where Do I Begin?

June 13, 2021

The Great Commission was given to Jesus' followers to share God's love to the entire world. That would be a BIG dream or goal. It can seem even more daunting because the Great Commission is a command to achieve. How is that possible? Where do I begin? Join us in a one-off message on how Paul modeled for us a way to make disciples of all nations in Romans 10.

Passage (read it):

Principle (know it):

Practice (do it):

  • Get them on.
  • Get them over.
  • Get them home.

Daily Readings:

As we continue to explore the book of Esther in our small groups, take time this week to read the story in its entirety. What stands out to you? What lessons might be learned from the various characters in this story? How do those lessons apply to you and your life? 

Day 1: Esther 1
Day 2: Esther 2
Day 3: Esther 3 – 4
Day 4: Esther 5
Day 5: Esther 6 – 7
Day 6: Esther 8
Day 7: Esther 9 – 10

Suggested Resources:


Reunion, by Bruxy Cavey
You Lost Me, by David Kinnaman
The Reason for God, by Timothy Keller

Sermons at

30 Words (October 2018) 
Go Fish (January 2020) 
For the City (August 2019) 

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