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Today we will learn more about how God is working in the midst of the war in Ukraine and how we, as His church, can join Him in that work.


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Pray for Ukraine

August 14, 2022
Today we will learn more about how God is working in the midst of the war in Ukraine and how we, as His church, can join Him in that work.

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John 4:1-38


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Small Group Questions

Use this outline for personal reflection, as a couples or family devotion, or with a small group.


Have you ever been displaced from your home? What happened, and how did you feel during that time? What was the most helpful thing someone could have done for you at that point?


Read Psalm 90:1-6

  • Who wrote this Psalm, and what do you think prompted him to write it? 
  • What does God “sweep away like a flood”? What does the temporary nature of creation have to do with finding our dwelling place? 
  • How would it affect us if we believed that God and not a nation, house, or land was our dwelling place? 

Read Psalm 90:7-11

  • What brings our days to an end? 
  • What or who was the object of God’s wrath? 
  • Read Genesis 3:17-24. Why were Adam and Eve cast out of their home in the Garden of Eden? How might this have been evidence of God’s grace? 
  • Read Romans 3:23-24 & Romans 6:24. How do these verses tie into the Genesis 3 and Psalm 90 passages? 

Read Psalm 90:12-17

  • Why does learning to number our days give us a heart of wisdom? 
  • Was Moses’ request in verses 14-17 answered when the children of Israel arrived in the Promised Land? Why or why not? 
  • Read Deuteronomy 33:27a; John 14:23; 2 Corinthians 5:1-2; Philippians 3:20; Revelation 21:3. Based on these verses, how important is it that we accept God as our dwelling place? How is this not just going to heaven when we die? How should it affect how we live today? 
  • How should this inform how Christians respond to those who are displaced from their earthly homes, and why does that matter?


How do you use your earthy dwelling for God’s kingdom? If nothing, why not? Talk about it, invite accountability, and take time to pray together.

Daily Readings:

This week’s daily Bible readings come from the books of Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon, both of which are attributed to King Solomon and are considered wisdom literature. As you read, invite the Holy Spirit to grant you discernment and wisdom.

  • Day 1: Ecclesiastes 12 
  • Day 2: Song of Solomon 1 & 2 
  • Day 3: Song of Solomon 3 & 4 
  • Day 4: Song of Solomon 5 
  • Day 5: Song of Solomon 6 
  • Day 6: Song of Solomon 7 
  • Day 7: Song of Solomon 8

Think Deeper

What is the responsibility of the church during times of war and violence? Why is the Bible concerned with the plight of refugees and aliens?

Suggested Resources:

Welcoming the Stranger, by Matthew Soerens & Jenny Yang 

Undaunted, by Zoya Phan 

The Hole in Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns

Check out these books from our suggested reading list at

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