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The Fullness of Time

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Be Silent

December 6, 2020

Luke does not begin the Christmas story with the birth of Jesus. He doesn’t even begin with an introduction to Mary and Joseph. Instead, Luke begins by telling the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth, an older couple who appeared to be out of time. When God tells Zechariah that he is finally going to be a father, Zechariah questions God’s timing and finds himself speechless for the next nine months. Join us for part one of The Fullness of Time as we consider how God’s timing increases our faith and draws our attention to Him and His perfectly timed plans.  


What to do when God appears to be late:

  1. Don’t mistake God’s silence for His absence.
  2. Don’t allow your disappointment to blind you to God’s activity.
  3. Embrace the silence and wait for the Lord.

Daily Readings:

Day 1: Luke 1
Day 2: Galatians 4
Day 3: Exodus 1
Day 4: Exodus 2
Day 5: Amos 8
Day 6: 1 Kings 19
Day 7: Psalm 46

Suggested Resources:


The Music of Christmas, by Gary and Sheri Webber
God Came Near, by Max Lucado

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Gary Lee Webber

Gary Lee Webber

Senior Pastor

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